Computational Biology Trainings

by András Aszódi

Schedule 2020

"We live in interesting times..."

"Live" courses are back! However, please note that currently meetings are limited to max. 10 people at the VBC, and to be on the safe side we can take only up to 8 participants per course. Thank you for your understanding.

Depending on the current regulations we might switch back to online teaching at a short notice. We use Microsoft Teams for teaching. Hands-on exercises are supported by IPython notebooks via JupyterHub.

Programming courses requiring intensive teacher/participant interactions will not be offered online. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

CourseLocationStart dateEnd dateStatusSatisfaction [%]
Python programming primerVBC 2020-10-132020-10-15completed89.3
Python programming primerVBC 2020-10-062020-10-08completed93.7
Python programming primerVBC 2020-09-292020-10-01completed96.8
R as a programming languageVBC 2020-09-242020-09-25completed96.8
R as a programming languageVBC 2020-09-152020-09-16completed89.9
R as a programming languageVBC 2020-09-092020-09-10completed93.8
UNIX command lineVBC 2020-07-162020-07-16completed95.0
UNIX command lineVBC 2020-07-092020-07-09completed95.7
CBE HPC cluster introductionInternet 2020-06-032020-06-03completed93.3
Advanced plotting with ggplot in RInternet 2020-05-262020-05-26completed93.9
Advanced plotting with ggplot in RInternet 2020-05-192020-05-19completed92.4
Nonlinear regression with RInternet 2020-05-122020-05-12completed83.5
Nonlinear regression with RInternet 2020-05-062020-05-06completed93.6
CBE HPC cluster introductionInternet 2020-04-292020-04-29completed93.3
CBE HPC cluster introductionInternet 2020-04-222020-04-22completed86.8
ANOVA with RInternet 2020-04-152020-04-15completed92.1
ANOVA with RInternet 2020-04-092020-04-09completed90.0
ANOVA with RInternet 2020-04-082020-04-08completed94.3
Linear regression with RInternet 2020-04-012020-04-01completed89.8
Linear regression with RVBC 2020-03-122020-03-12completed91.4
Statistics with RVBC 2020-03-042020-03-05completed94.0
Python programming primerVBC 2020-02-272020-02-28completed94.0
Statistics with RVBC 2020-02-192020-02-20completed87.5
R as a programming languageVBC 2020-02-122020-02-13completed96.5
R as a programming languageVBC 2020-02-052020-02-06completed98.3
CBE HPC cluster introductionVBC 2020-01-232020-01-23completed85.2
CBE HPC cluster introductionVBC 2020-01-222020-01-22completed92.8