Computational Biology Trainings

by András Aszódi

Schedule 2022

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"Live" courses are back again! However, please note that due to hygienic considerations and seminar room size limitations we can take only 10 participants per course.

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CourseLocationStart dateEnd dateStatusSatisfaction [%]
Advanced plotting with ggplot in RVBC 2022-10-282022-10-28plannedN/A
Advanced plotting with ggplot in RVBC 2022-10-272022-10-27plannedN/A
CBE HPC cluster introductionVBC 2022-10-202022-10-20plannedN/A
CBE HPC cluster introductionVBC 2022-10-192022-10-19plannedN/A
Linear regression with RVBC 2022-10-132022-10-13plannedN/A
ANOVA with RVBC2022-10-122022-10-12
Basic statistics with RVBC 2022-09-282022-09-29fullN/A
Basic statistics with RVBC/Internet 2022-09-152022-09-16completed94.5
R as a programming languageVBC 2022-09-082022-09-09completed95.8
CBE HPC cluster introductionVBC/Internet 2022-09-012022-09-01completed92.1
Python programming, part IIVBC 2022-08-182022-08-19completed93.4
Python programming, part IVBC 2022-08-112022-08-12completedsee above ↑
Nonlinear regression with RVBC/Internet 2022-06-302022-06-30completed94.4
CBE HPC cluster introductionVBC/Internet 2022-06-292022-06-29completed95.0
Quick introduction to data analysisVBC 2022-06-152022-06-15completedN/A
Container technologiesVBC 2022-06-022022-06-02completed90.5
Container technologiesVBC 2022-06-012022-06-01completed92.5
CBE HPC cluster introductionVBC/Internet 2022-05-172022-05-17completed94.4
UNIX command lineVBC/Internet 2022-05-062022-05-06completed94.9
ANOVA with RVBC 2022-05-052022-05-05completed96.9
Advanced plotting with ggplot in RVBC/Internet 2022-04-222022-04-22completed99.9
Advanced plotting with ggplot in RVBC/Internet 2022-04-212022-04-21completed97.4
R as a programming languageVBC 2022-04-072022-04-08completed94.2
R as a programming languageVBC/Internet 2022-03-302022-03-31completed91.8
CBE HPC cluster introductionVBC/Internet 2022-03-242022-03-24completed91.0
Linear regression with RVBC/Internet 2022-03-172022-03-17completed99.1
Linear regression with RVBC/Internet 2022-03-162022-03-16completed96.8
Basic statistics with RInternet 2022-03-092022-03-10completed92.4
Basic statistics with RVBC 2022-02-172022-02-18completed87.4
R as a programming languageVBC 2022-02-092022-02-10completed96.5
Regular expressionsInternet 2022-02-022022-02-02completed94.9
Regular expressionsInternet 2022-01-272022-01-27completed92.9
CBE HPC cluster introductionInternet 2022-01-212022-01-21completed90.7
CBE HPC cluster introductionInternet 2022-01-202022-01-20completed92.9
Quick introduction to data analysisVBC 2022-01-182022-01-18completedN/A

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