Computational Biology Trainings

by András Aszódi

Practical information

Please read the following information carefully.

Who may attend a course?

Anyone who is interested in learning is welcome. We welcome participants from outside the VBC as well.

Please always read the description of the course before applying. If you do not have the pre-requisites such as familiarity with a given technique or application then please do not apply as you would not be able to profit from the training.

Application procedure

  1. Upcoming courses are announced via e-mail.
  2. All potential participants aged 18 or over are responsible for obtaining permission from their supervisors to attend the course. Minors may attend the trainings only with parental guidance.
  3. Registration involves a commitment to attend.
  4. Participants are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis. You may register only yourself!
  5. If a course is oversubscribed then a second course will be held.

Not showing up

IMPORTANT: If you register for a course and then do not attend without a good reason (serious illness, family tragedies etc.), your PI will be charged a penalty.

Some unacceptable excuses

Here are some actual excuses offered over the years by people who did not show up:

If we are forced to cancel a course (e.g. due to illness of the instructor etc.) then we will try our best to hold the course at a later date. Your registration will be valid for the replacement course.

Seminar room

The trainings are held in the "Training Room" E-016 at the IMP unless indicated otherwise. If you get lost, please ask the IMP receptionist.