Computational Biology Trainings

by András Aszódi

R as a programming language

This course is aimed at colleagues who would like to learn how to use the statistical programming language "R". We will learn about the data structures and functions in R, and how to write R scripts.



Online exercises are available when this course is running. Please select the option "R language" from the dropdown in the "Request an exercise notebook" form.

Out of scope

This course will not teach you statistics or bioinformatics. To learn how to do basic statistics with R, please take our "Statistics with R" course.


Programming experience is not required but desirable. We will use R Studio through its Web interface, no program installation is necessary except that R Studio does not work with Internet Explorer so Windows users will be kindly required to install some other browser on their machines.

Note that this is a basic introductory course that aims to explain R from the ground up. If you are an experienced R user, then this course is not appropriate for you. The ability to type with a low error rate is necessary though, because this is a hands-on training.

Practical information

Number of participants: minimum 5, maximum 10.

Length: The course takes two half-days, from 09:00 to 13:00 with 2 breaks.