Computational Biology Trainings

by András Aszódi

Our portfolio

We offer trainings on the following topics:

Computing skills

These trainings cover programming languages and other software-related skills. They serve as the foundation of the other courses.

Data science in biology

These trainings teach you how to analyse biological data using statistical techniques. We offer both introductory and advanced courses covering the most important aspects of this very broad and rapidly developing field.

Reporting skills

These trainings teach you how to visualise and share your results to achieve maximal impact of your research.

Our trainings are listed at TeSS, the training resources site of ELIXIR, and on GOBLET.

Target audience

All our courses are open to anyone, from graduate students to institute directors. We welcome attendees outside the VBC as well. We can also give a training at your institution, please contact us for details and a tailor-made offer.

Please consult the information on practical issues before registering to a course.