Computational Biology Trainings

by András Aszódi

Container technologies

This course provides an introduction to Docker and Singularity/Apptainer containers.

Number of participants: minimum 5, maximum 10.

Topics and schedule

Length: The course takes four hours with two short breaks.



You may attend this course only if you already have an account on the CBE cluster or plan to use the cluster in the near future. You can request an account either by emailing the cluster administrators or at the VBC IT portal by clicking on the "HPC Support Ticket" link and selecting the "Get HPC access" option.

Each participant is assigned a personal virtual machine (VM). The VMs are reachable only from the VBC internal network. If the course is held over the Internet "remotely" then you'll need VPN access.

This is an advanced course. Experience with the UNIX command line and high-performance computing clusters are required. If you have attended our UNIX command line course and CBE cluster course then you have the necessary knowledge.